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Set your availability and choose the type of meeting you want to have, then Calendly coordinates everything with your invitees – before and after the face-to-face.

See how easy meeting can be with Calendly.

Set meetings on your terms

Set meetings on your terms

  1. Connect to all your calendars so you’re never double-booked.

  2. Control your availability by setting your preferences.

  3. Set the right meeting for the right goal: one-on-one, group meetings, and round robin for rotating availability.


Make it easy to schedule with you

  1. Share availability anywhere you can share a link: add Calendly to your website, email campaigns, text messages, social profiles, or web chat.

  2. Send your preferred times from wherever you are with Calendly’s mobile apps, integrations, and browser extensions.

  3. Meet your invitee wherever they are by providing multiple in-person and virtual location options.


Automate, integrate, and optimize

  1. Cut clerical tasks with CRM integrations like Salesforce, and use Zapier to connect with many others.

  2. Improve your booking flow using analytics integrations to measure funnels and refine your conversion strategy.

  3. Take payments at the time of booking with Stripe and PayPal integrations.

Be in-the-know automatically

Eliminate double bookings with intelligent scheduling that cross-checks all your calendars. Calendly only shows available appointment times and never exposes your calendar contents to invitees.


Your availability is always up-to-date

Eliminate double bookings with intelligent scheduling that cross-checks all your calendars. Calendly only shows available appointment times and adds scheduled events right onto your calendar.

Stay ahead of your appointments, wherever you are

Stay ahead of your appointments, wherever you are

Be notified when someone books, reschedules, or cancels, explore upcoming appointments, and review form responses, so you feel prepared for your meeting.


Send automatic reminders, follow-ups, and integration triggers with Workflows

Use Workflows to automate routine communications before and after every meeting – leaving you with more time and energy for the strategic work only you can do.


Keep building the relationship

  1. Calendly Workflows send email follow-ups to invitees automatically, continuing the conversation.

  2. Automations within your CRM integrations remind you of tasks on your plate, through emails and SMS.

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